Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Saprissa vs. Houston

Tonight we went to the CONCACAF Champions Cup semi-finals game between Saprissa (Costa Rica) and Houston (U.S.). I must be honest - I went with my Saprissa shirt on prepared to cheer for Costa Rica. However, once the Houston team came out, my heart was changed. I LOVE my host country, and have been richly blessed here. We have been to 4 games now (at $8.00 per game, it's hard to pass up), and each time I have voted for Saprissa. However - I just couldn't do it. So - I cheered HARD for Houston - because they certainly needed it. They just weren't up to their game tonight - a poorly played game - 3-0 with Saprissa getting the win. That moves Saprissa up to the finals against Mexico's team - Pachuca in a 2-game series for the championship. The first of the 2 games will be played here, in Costa Rica, in two weeks - we plan on attending. If you have never been to a futbol game in a Latin country, it's just NOTHING like a game in the U.S. However, Madison and I were well received as we cheered for Houston - of course it may have helped that they played poorly and lost - but we still felt okay about cheering them on :-) The one thing I thought rather odd, though, was when they hung the U.S. flag from the flag pole, they put it on backwards. Hmm...the strips were to the pole, not the stars. What a strange sight indeed.

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