Monday, April 7, 2008


The tree hit in our local park by lightning
It went the full length of the tree

Shards of bark and wood were found from where I am standing when I took this picture - the tree where lightning struck is the tree in the center of the picture

Well...the rainy season is back to Costa Rica, and with a vengence. Yesterday it hailed! Also, two blocks from our house, in the park closest to us, lightning struck the tree in the middle of the park. Yikes! Being from California, we just don't get the lightning storms like in the South. However - even after having spoken with folks from the South - they say this is nothing like they are used to! It's back to carrying raincoats and umbrellas wherever we go!


david santos said...

Nice, nice, nice and very nice!
I loved this pos and this blog.
Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

"Yikes!" is right! I imagine you won't want to be "singing in the rain...[saying] what a glorious day!" LOL!

The McClain's said...

YIKES! I say! Again I say YIKES! We were in Tejarcillos Sunday and I really thought I was back in Indiana in the middle of a Spring thunderstorm for a minute. It was crazy!!!

Gracias por sus oraciones!

Te Quiero!