Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Family Vacation

Mike's dad - Jerry; Mike - my brother-in-law; and Jeri - Mike's sister - all enjoying our awesome steak dinner!

Mike's parents, sister, and brother-in-law arrived to San Jose yesterday. It was AWESOME to see them! A little taste of home :-) And not only are we privileged to spend some incredible time with them, they brought more than themselves with them. They brought an entire suitcase of goodies! Included in it were Omaha Steaks! We have not had steak since we have been here. I know...I know...seems like a strange thing to be craving - but let me just tell you - it's one of those things you don't realize you miss until you don't have it. For over 8 months we have been without steak. We borrowed our friends BBQ, and out on our back porch, had the most incredible dinner we have had since we have been here. Pineapple, mango, fresh bread from the bakery, good local beer, and STEAK!!! There was much "mmmmmm" going on during dinner.

Mike successfully returned from La Ceiba, Honduras. He was able to register Madison into school (a HUGE prayer praise!!), look at some housing - didn't find any - but good to know it's available, and found a temporary living arrangement for when we arrive. It's a boarding house, and certainly not permanent, but a NICE option to have instead of living in a hotel until we find a house. This was a VERY productive time for the guys!

The next four days we will be spending in Arenal, an active volcano, then up to one of the beautiful beaches on the Pacific side of Costa Rica. We are hoping to find Internet along the way, but there is a chance we will be unable to find it. So - stay tuned - and if able - we will be posting our adventures along the way.


Lucy said...

I guess those steaks that we prepped and cooked for y'all a few weeks ago weren't very memorable!

John and Sue Burch said...

WOW - you all sure have a lot of Mikes and Jerry/Jeri's in your life!!! Great to read of how the Lord continues to bless and prepare you for Honduras... we have met a pastor here who served in Teguci.... won't even attempt to continue to spell that one... his son now serves in a little place near La Ceiba - La Ceiba is the big city they go to when they go to the big city - will find out more for you....