Monday, April 18, 2016

The market

Went to the market today for my fresh vegetables.  The grocery store has barely passable fruits and vegetables because most people do not buy them at the grocery store, they buy them in the outdoor market.  So - if you don't want veggies that are already starting to rot - you head to the market.

One of my finds is a leafy vegetable called Endung.  They use it to make a spinach like side dish for dinner.

Another treat was fresh avocado, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, lemons, papaya and carrots.

One of the sweet Guinean women made me a very special dish called Bambucha.  It's typically made for weddings or other special events as it takes all day to make.  It's made with yucca leaves and palm nut oil which is ground from fresh palm nuts.  I absolutely LOVE it!  Hoping it is a good source of iron as I am extremely anemic!
Pine nuts are ground in a pestle and mortar.  In Honduras this common nut was used as a bio-fuel, but here it is used as a common/everyday oil to cook with.
yucca plants - typically the root is used but in this delicious dish, the leaves are ground up and cook for a day

End result - super, delicious bambucha

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