Tuesday, April 12, 2016

All I want is a warm shower...

It's early morning, time for a shower to wake you up, or in the evening, a warm shower to end your day...you walk into your bathroom, turn on the tap, wait about a minute, and then step into that glorious shower to be rejuvenated...or...you live in a part of Africa...and your shower looks a little bit different...

So...my shower takes 10+ steps...and here they are:

1. Fill up hot water heater
 2.  Heat water
 3.  Fill up camp shower 2/3rds full
 4.  Put heated water in camp shower
 5.  Foot pump the camp shower to make it pressurized
 6.  wet down
 7.  Soap up
 8. continuously pump shower throughout shower to maintain pressure as water is released

9.  rinse 

 10.  when shower is completed - hang to allow to dry and not accumulate mold
And there you have it - one warm camp shower in Africa :-)  Come visit!!!!

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