Friday, April 15, 2016


When EVERY DAY you feel like a kindergartner, learning something new, and kind of feeling dumb...when everything / everyday is pure frustration...when the small victories come - you celebrate them without question!

Today was that kind of day.  We successfully directed someone to our house to deliver our bed ( more small bed) - granted, it's still on the floor, but that will come another day.

I successfully hired a guy, gave him a drawing and dimensions for my island, and it arrived today - so I now have a place to prepare my food and store some thing!!!!

Same guy who built my island made the table, so now our bucket-to-bucket water station is set up and already filtering water!

And no ice trays?!?!? Check out what I found!  One-time use ice bags....just fill with water and they go in their own little sections - tie off at the top and put in freezer.

AND...I caught a taxi down town - got to the internet office, purchased a ridiculously expensive wi-fi hub (so now our USB chip goes into this hub and Mike and I can both use wi-fi at the same time!)...THEN I actually recognized where I was,  and walked to the grocery store, and found boneless/skinless chicken breast!  I can home on a high!  I know it seems silly and small, but trust me - after 2 weeks of feeling lost/in a daze/dumb - I really needed today! 


Barbara Wannemacher said...

Rejoicing with you.....and remembering similar victories in Africa! :-)

Tracy Carson said...

This is awesome!

christina said...

I just prayed for you - that there would be joy! And here is this post! Celebrating and rejoicing with you!