Tuesday, October 9, 2012

School Supplies

Kids listening to a health education class at the school in Armenia Bonito
School in Honduras runs from February through November.  Each year we have been here we have had a school supply drive.  This is HUGE for so many families!  The degree of poverty can be a bit overwhelming to figure out how to help without having it be a reliance issue.  One way we have felt called to help is offering supplies to children that would otherwise go to school without anything.  Imagine attending school where you have zero school books, are only in school 3 hours a day, and then not even having any paper to write down the few assignments you are given?  We all know the importance of breaking the cycle of poverty through education, so we as a team are committed to making this possible.   We have found that many kids in Sunday School classes get together and commit to getting school supplies for kids - a GREAT way for kids to connect with other kids outside of the U.S.  Get them involved in missions in this way - picking up a package of crayons, or a pair of scissors, and know that a kid many countries away will hugely benefit from their contribution!  Or put on a change drive - and all the change collected the kids send to Team Honduras to purchase supplies here - and they can see their handiwork in action.  We ALWAYS make a video and post it so the kids can see how they can make a difference in a child's life.  Just a few ideas :-)


We would like you to prayerfully consider providing school supplies for the kids in Armenia Bonito.  Please purchase school supplies and mail them to this address by December 31, 2012:

Mike & Erin Pettengill
P.O. Box 1090
La Ceiba, Atlantida
Central America
Let us know if you would rather send money and our team can purchase the supplies in Honduras.

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