Monday, October 29, 2012

It takes a Village to build a clinic

Our future clinic
In the midst of the work we are doing in Armenia Bonito, we find out just how much it DOES take to get things done.

All of our workers on our project in Armenia are Hondurans, with of course the obvious exception of our exceptional team mate John Clow (foreman), and Tom DeKleer (architect), and oh yeah - Mike Pettengill (team leader/fund raiser), and...all the individuals and churches that have committed themselves to this project through prayer and financial support - so yeah - I guess it DOES take a village.  How cool is it that God has brought together such an amazing group of people to do His work here in La Ceiba.

My future "office"

Front intake area

Pharmacy pass-through window
For the first time since our arrival almost 4 1/2 years ago, the fruition of many thoughts/prayers and good ol' sweat is finally showing what the fuss has been all about.  The clinic is close to being done.  And on that note, I've interviews one doctor, and have another interview this week with a second one.  Then the support raising for their pay comes into play.  But I can feel it - I can almost taste it - the grand opening of the clinic.  When I was first asked to pick out a paint color for the interior I was ecstatic!  Then I was asked about the dimensions of shelving for all the ministry/supply stuff.  It couldn't be real, could it?!  After this long of hauling around boxes back and forth from my house to the ministry site - all the supplies / medicine taking up quite literally HALF of my upstairs in storage - it still seems surreal.  Granted, it may still be a long way off depending on when I can raise the sufficient money for the doctors pay...but it's there - just out of reach, but taunting me!  I LOVE it!

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