Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Heavy Heart

Alejandro, Carlito, Erika, Kassandra, Antonio
 This sweet sweet family will be leaving us soon.  This family has been with our ministry since the beginning.  Four and a half years ago they started attending our Kids Club and our English Class.  Their oldest son (not pictured) is one of the kids we scholarship to attend High School.  I knew their mom when she was pregnant with Carlito.  They were given an opportunity to move into a safer neighborhood, and given a home.  Problem?  It's about 20 minutes outside of Armenia Bonito by bus.  The only reason they are still in Armenia is because the oldest children are finishing up school, but school is out in November.  Their mom is having to pay for bus transportation to and from school, and it's beyond what they can continue to pay.  So...after school is out, I will no longer be able to see these sweet faces all the time.  I love this entire family, have a GREAT relationship with each and every one.  This is a huge blessing to this sweet family, but in complete selfishness, I am so so sad to see them leave.  When I first learned they "may" be leaving, my heart dropped.  When I heard it was official, I had to take some time to myself to be sad, shed a few tears, but rejoice in their relocation.  I think a few Christmas presents are going to make their way to their home.

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