Monday, May 16, 2011

On my way home

Just spent some AMAZING time with some AWESOME folk in Paso Robles. The missions conference was a huge success, and so exciting to see so many people excited about missions. My best friend, Mindy, drove all the way from Sacramento down to San Jose to hang for a half day with my folks, then we caravaned down to Paso Robles where we hung with Margaret and Jack from church down there. I'm currently sitting in the San Francisco airport after my whirlwind trip and coming back with all sorts of fun things for Madison's 15th birthday party next month. My plane doesn't leave until 1:40am. It then goes through El Salvador, and arrives in Honduras at 10am. After that I have a 3 hour bus ride to La Ceiba and I have NO IDEA what time the bus leaves. So - I'll be arriving in the afternoon after not having slept for well over 30 hours unless I can actually manage to sleep on the plane - which I almost NEVER can do. So here's to praying for some sleep! See ya back home!

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christina said...

praying for sleep, maybe an empty row of seats for you to stretch out on...