Friday, May 27, 2011

Never a Dull Moment

Yesterday was clinic. I saw 30 patients - many who were very very sick. I was so grateful to be able to help out our little community :-) It's been SO hot here, and sitting in a cement sweat box all day can be quite challenging. So, after a long day we arrive home and all I can see from a block away is smoke - and smoke that looks like it's coming from our house. With my heart pounding, and I get closer, I notice it's not my house that's up in smoke, it's the empty field right next to my house that's burning. Why is itburning? Honduras has had no rain for almost 3 months. That means the rivers are bone dry, and there is no moisture anywhere - imagine being 95 degrees 3 months straight and no source of water. Things are drying up. There are villages with no water at all. It's getting a little desperate! I looked at Mike and thought - what in the world are we going to do? Right when I thought this the Fire Department showed up! Now, keep in mind - there are no fire hydrants here. No source of water. So the only water they have is the water they carry with them. So,after about 10 minutes, they had used the water and went on their way. It helped stop most of it - but they didn't have shovels out, no ground was over turned, no smoldering piles were stomped out. So hours later we still had smoke wafting into our house. There were particles of ash floating in our living room and upstairs. It was quite a site!

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Cindy in California said...

Wow! I'm glad this didn't end how I thought it might end. Save a little ash and smoke, I'm glad you and your house is OK.