Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hospitals without Medicine

You know you are in a third world country when this is the headline in one of the English newspapers:

The secretary of the Sindicated Employees of the Public Hospital School [Sindicato de Empleados Públicos del Hospital Escuela (Sephe)] José Girón, said yesterday that there will be only medication for one month, and that they have not been awarded new funds.

“What is worrying, is that there have been awards, but there is only medication for one month because the process is long, and drugstores have not been paid either, so there are more delays,” said Girón.

The union said that they “do not have more than one hundred drugs”, of the 450 basic drugs the hospital should have.

The head of the pharmacy, Yaneth Carvajal, assured the public that “we have an 80 percent supply; there are medications through July; the problem is that the process takes up to three months, I already have a shopping list,” she said.

For Girón, the problem is for people who need daily medications.

“Our concern is renal failure patients, hypertensives, and diabetics,” he said.

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Sr. B said...

Oy vey! Gotta love that they knew there was going to be a shortage but they wait until it is in crisis before acting. I feel for ya... we just got done with malaria season with NO meds nor rapid tests available and we are STILL trying to get the TB meds that they say (just to keep us happy) are available! Praying it gets sorted out quickly.