Saturday, May 7, 2011

Clinic and dorms

Thursday we held our weekly health clinic. This is such an amazing opportunity to show word and deed ministry! Christ did it all the time - and as we try and emulate Him, and keep Him always in front of what we are doing. I've decided to do a devotional each week, before the beginning of clinic for those who are waiting in line. This week my devotional was "A God of Impossibilities". It really hit home to the people in line. We have a God who can and does do the "impossible". And when so many people live in that kind of reality, to know that the God that we love can do ALL is a comforting thing indeed!

Cleaning a badly infected wound

Giving a devotional before the start of clinic

The dorms are going full-steam ahead. We've received additional funds, although we still need more (the life of a missionary :-) ) - but we are praying that the dorms will be completed in 4 short-weeks so teams can start staying there. The tile and paint (hopefully) will be delivered today! You will see in the pictures that there is still much to be done - but our workers are awesome - so as long as the funds continue to come in, and there is time - there is a decent chance they will get done before the first team.

Bathrooms in the dorm

Dorm rooms

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