Thursday, October 28, 2010

Visiting Paso Robles

Wednesday we traveled to Paso Robles and visited Covenant Presbyterian Church. We had an amazing time reconnecting with folks we have met in the past, with many who came on the short term mission trips, and new people. We were fed incredible food, talked with tons of people, and Madison had some fun kids to hang out with. A neat thing about the house we were staying at was that it came complete with a zip line, a trampoline, and a pain gun for scaring off the local wildlife that comes on a mission to destroy the local shrubbery, etc. So, Madison was given the task to scare off the deer that came to visit that morning.

Madison "hunting" deer


DON GODO said...

Are there any Presbyterian churches in Tegucigalpa? My family and I are Lutherans, but no luck with Lutheran churches. If there are not any Presbyterian churches, do you know of any 'mainstream' protestant churches?


Missionaries in La Ceiba, Honduras said...

Hey Don - there are no Presbyterian churches in Honduras other than our own that is coming...I am sorry I don't have any information for you, I just don't know about Tegucigalpa. Good luck!