Thursday, November 4, 2010


Sitting in Days Inn in Chattanooga with Madison as she is doing school work; Mike is off getting PVC pipe to set up our sign at our booth; tonight we register for the pre-conference of the Global Missions Conference. Tomorrow we set our booth up, attend and participate in the pre-conference (we are speaking at one of the sessions). Mike is speaking at two other sessions of the conference, and Madison and I will be manning the booth while he is involved in that. We are going to be busy, busy, busy while we are here...but what's new? We have been moving non-stop since we've been back - honestly - we haven't been at the house we are staying at for more than 4 days in a row. And, most of those nights we are out making visits. It's been exhausting, yet exciting at the same time.


Ben said...

We fly out in the morning. See you guys soon!

Ellie said...

And yet people will ask, "How was your vacation?"