Monday, October 11, 2010

Mission Conference Is Great For Maddy

Madison performing at the talent show.

Monday is our last full day at MTW’s Latin American Mission Conference in Mexico. There are over 300 missionaries here. All ages of kids have their own programs separate from the adults. Madison is in the “Youth” program, which consists of all the teenage missionaries.

Madison has spent 10-12 hours a day in the massive and very active youth ministry organized by MTW’s Global Youth & Family Ministry (GYFM). Let me be frank for a second (nothing new, right?). In our five years of being involved with MTW Mike and I have NEVER been happy with MTW's attention, care and support of children. We believe that this has been an area that has been sorely lacking in MTW’s missionary preparation and care.

That being said, we could not be more pleased with the care and treatment of youth at this event. From babies to teens MTW has provided 40-50 fulltime staff to care for our kids. And, this is NOT babysitting. This is praying, Bible studies, counseling and lots of fun. Madison has made friends with other weird missionary kids and counselors that she will maintain for life.

Please be in prayer for the GYFM staff as they too need to raise support so they can support kid missionaries. We would like to personally thank the GYFM Director, Dr. Eric Larsen, Ruthanne Burch and Madison’s Leader, Rachel Collins for all they did for our daughter.

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Trevor Allen said...

Hey Erin! OHmi... I'm so tired but I want to make this post before I go to bed. I feel so horrible because I'm really bad at keeping up with other people's blogs. I need to do better. I just wanted to say that I'm so thankful that we are friends and that we met in Costa Rica. Sometimes it boggles my mind thinking about that time of my life and never ever imagining that I would be a missionary here in Peru. You played a key role in my life!

I will def be keeping GYFM in my prayers. And I can't believe how old Madison is getting! Ohman!!!! Well, I hope you are well and I'm going to bed... I'm dead tired!