Wednesday, October 20, 2010


So...we have this absolutely incredible homeschool program. However, one of the primary "problems" we have is that we need wireless to do it. It won't work on our Mac's, so we need a PC. Our PC is so old it won't recognize our internet card - so Madison has to do part of her homeschooling at home, then we have to go someplace that has wi-fi. A few times that has meant the local Starbucks. The other times has been to the library. The library would be my first choice, but because of budget cuts, our local library isn't open on Mondays - so that's when we've been going to Starbucks. Oh the "trials" of traveling missionaries!

Hanging at the local Starbucks for school

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Amy Macy said...

Love this!! Awesome photo. Tell me again which program you decided to use. We are doing k12 with Arianna. We'll be spending some time in the library (or Paneras, maybe) when we're back in the US:)Amy