Sunday, June 13, 2010

Welcome East Lanier

Welcome to our third team of the summer. About 30 seconds after they arrived we lost the electricity. At least dinner was already prepped and cooked. So, we all sat around in candle light and lanterns, had orientation for the the schedule for the week - and everyone tried to get settled by using the few lanterns we have, cell phone lights, and candles. Two hours later, in the pitch dark, everyone is managing quite fine. I'm upstairs in my room listening to the beautiful guitar and music of many of the youths sitting on the back porch singing and am just in awe of God's grace. In the midst of what could potentially be a logistical nightmare, God's people go forward. I've yet to have heard a spit of complaint, and everyone is charging forward as if nothing strange is happening - other than they are sitting in the pitch dark, outside, in the beautiful night of Honduras. My battery back-up which is allowing me to post this will be going out anytime - so I must be quick. More tomorrow.

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