Monday, June 7, 2010

End of School Year

Madison finished school last Friday. So far in her life she has attended 5 different types of schooling since Kindergarten. Kindergarten and 1st grade = public school; 2nd - 5th = private homeschool; 6th - school in Costa Rica; 7th grade = private bilingual school; 8th grade = different private bilingual school. What does that do for a kids education? Well - if nothing else - she has learned to be pretty darn flexible! Needless to say, her first year in Honduras at the bilingual school where 4 of her classes were in English and 4 of her classes were in Spanish, she struggled a bit. But her second year here she thrived! She ended this school year on the Dean's Honor Roll for the whole year, Perfect attendance for the entire year, Head of Class (chosen by all of her 8th grade teachers), and merit points to use. She was class president, and seriously enjoyed her time! That's pretty cool when you think back on your time in Jr. High. Granted, school here is different - there are students from pre-kinder all the way through 11th grade. She is actually already considered in "college". So graduation was not a big deal at all - no ceremony to attend. The two ceremonies are graduation from 6th grade since the majority of kids finish there - and only 12% of kids in Honduras go beyond 6th grade. So her graduation ceremony will be from 11th grade. Way to go girl! We love you dearly and GOOD JOB!!!

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Pamela said...

Wow Madison! What an awesome year! I would say going to all of those schools has actually paid off :)