Friday, June 18, 2010

Mountains, Games, and buying some goodies

Today the team went up into the jungle. It's an incredibly beautiful hike to a waterfall and swim hole. There they ate lunch, enjoyed a leisurely time, and made the return treck home. Then back to our house for a quick change, to the souvenir shop to buy some goodies for themselves and folks back home. Afterwards it's over to our team mates house for a cook-out, then to some fun playing soccer. Quite a way to spend their day off :-)

Tomorrow's event is an all-day soccer tournament with about 60 kids/youth from Armenia Bonito. Going to be a full day of sweating and playing, and having a great time! The team will be ready for a breather on Sunday!

This week has been heating up, and with that additional loss of power. We've lost electricity twice today for extended periods of time. Please pray that this is short-lived and won't effect the rest of the summer!

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