Sunday, March 22, 2009

Too much to do!

This week is even busier than last week, if one can believe that. We have our team meeting Monday morning, right after that we have practice for a skit we will be giving on Tuesday, then about a 2-hour re-stock, re-organize session from last weeks clinics. After that I will need to go to the pharmacy to buy everything for this weeks clinics. That evening we have an event at the kids program - it's a parents invite day to see what their kids have been learning, and to participate in the activity for the day. Tuesday we are giving a health class to two schools in Armenia Bonito, and ESL in the evening. Wednesday is the clinic at the dump, Thursday is our normal clinic in Armenia Bonito. Friday most of our team is heading out to Roatan, one of the islands off the coast of Honduras, and I will be packing for my month long trip to the States. I leave Saturday to North Carolina for a 2 1/2 week long medical intensive training.

I will then be taking a 6-day diversion to California, time to re-coup and refresh with friends and family. After that I'm headed to Mexico for a 10-day medical advanced leadership training through our mission organization. It's a mandated training on how to put on medical clinics for teams. Although our team has already been doing this, and we hold weekly medical clinics, this will equip us and give us ideas we hadn't thought of yet.

Because of how busy we have been, and how exhausted I've been, Mike treated me to a 2-day hotel stay. It was me, my book, my computer, and the TV for a 2 day, 1 night stay at a local hotel. We have had people living in our house since our arrival in Honduras. This is a huge blessing to us, and we are excited to be able to share our house with others. However, it does leave quiet, alone-time almost non-existent. So, this was something that I was needing badly. Also, Mike and I have a date-night coming up. We are going out on Tuesday - just to enjoy time being together. This is another thing we used to do routinely in the States, but we have yet to have had this chance. A good way to end out our month!

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