Thursday, March 5, 2009


Things are just different here. Different language, different culture, different way to teach in school. Different understanding of children, differences all around. Madison continues to struggle in school. She has found a friend, but still hasn't found a nitch. It's hard. She's different from everyone else here in the same way. They don't understand her. She's 12, starting out on the mission field, not a young impressionable 2 year old. Because of this, she is struggling. Please pray for her. My heart hurts for my girl on a daily basis. Doesn't make being so far away from home any easier.

On to lighter notes - some things that AREN'T different - the every desire for a straighter smile. Well, that day has come. Yesterday afternoon, Madison had her braces put on. Now I'm not going to go into the cost of them, I might find my house swarming with people coming down to have them put on (yes, the cost of the flight for 2 people, the x-rays - panoramic - and installing braces is STILL TONS cheaper than getting braces put on in the States). But I digress. Madison being Madison, couldn't possibly only pick one color for her bands - so purple and light blue for the first go-around. Her top teeth lean down on her bottom teeth - so she won't get her bottom ones put on until her top are tilted up a little more - 1 to 2 months






Jamie Wright said...

i totally share your heart for your daughters struggles as i feel the same way for my boys. these kids are troopers!!! i have to remind myself that God is using these tough days in their lives to transform them into someone AMAZING - I truly believe that our kids will change the world!!!
btw - her braces look GREAT!!! tell her i said
"you're gorrrrgous dahling!!!"

mikepettengill said...

yikes...that during picture looks like something out of one of the Saw movies...I love my girls!

Orangehouse said...

I imagine she must be having a tough time. David, also 12, is having plenty of trouble here in the states. Man, what a terrible season of life that is.

Melanie said...

That's great that you got cheap braces. I will be praying for Madison's adjust. I feel for her. Thanks for sharing.

Rebecca said...

Congrats on the braces. My son just got his off this year...and I think he misses them. He kinda liked having them and picking the new colored bands at each adjustment.

We did NOT get any deal on braces, and my wallet if very glad they are over with. And that they dog didn't eat his retainer until he grew out of it.

Adolescence, as a rough. I'm praying we all make it through it alive!!