Sunday, March 1, 2009

Girls Day Out

On February 28, 2009 we treated 60 girls from Armenia Bonito to a special day. During the first half of the day we went down to the river cleaned them up. Hair washing, brushing and cutting. We removed lice, painted fingernails and gave out beauty supplies donated from friends back in the U.S.

During the second half of the day we took them out for a movie night. We rented a bus and drove the girls to downtown La Ceiba. We reserved a large auditorium and served pizza, popcorn and drinks. We prayed and delivered a Bible study from the book of Ruth.

This was a rare treat for these girls. Take a look at this 3 minute and 45 second video to see the joy:


Brandy said...

This looks to be such an awesome day for the girls! God bless you all to be able to do this for these sweet darlings!

The McClain's said...

I can't explain the joy that watching this video brought to my heart other than mine and yours are forever woven together through our love for Christ. Knowing the joy that Christ brings to those we love here brings a deeper understanding for me of the joy that this day your team spent sharing the love of Christ with these girls. Today I thank God for your family and the ministry God has given you there. Love you so much! :)