Saturday, March 7, 2009

Maddy Back In Front Of The Net

Back in the U.S. Maddy played eight seasons of indoor and outdoor soccer. She spent most of her time as goalie. On Friday she got back to her old position.

In PE class the girls play soccer quite often, and Maddy has spent much of that time at goalie. Her classmates liked her effort and asked her to play in an after school, inter school girls tournament on Friday. So she joined the 7th grade girls in their quest to topple the 8th grade girls. The 8th graders had their way with Maddy’s 7th graders. She only allowed two goals, but her teammates managed none. She stopped five shots on the day.

Maddy had a great time and was excited to be asked to participate.


christina said...

You go Maddy!

Jeri said...

Yay! I am glad Maddy found an in... She IS such a great girl and a good friend to have. They will figure it out soon enough.

We are so happy to hear she was asked to play and felt comfortable enough to do it.

We love you all
Mike and Jeri