Saturday, December 27, 2008


Had a GREAT day with my folks yesterday! We shopped, ate, and just spent time with each other. It was short, but filled my heart with joy seeing my folks again!

Okay...I'm going to finally admit it...I think I'm sick! I've been coughing for about a month - I've blamed it on everything from allergies, to mold, to "stuff". But...I think I may have bronchiolitis. Of course I don't have "time" to get it checked out - so will wait until I get back to Honduras. But, please pray for my continued coughing, etc.

We are about ready to finish up our California time. Tomorrow we are off to a church service in the morning, then our home church Sunday evening. We fly out to Arizona on Monday. So pray for our time here to finish well, and our time in Arizona to go smoothly.

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Ellie said...

Ah. And what would you say to someone who "didn't have time" to go get checked out?

Just nagging.