Monday, December 22, 2008

Sushi, Starbucks And Hamburgers

We have been back in California for two days. We have worshiped with and shared with four different churches. We have gone shopping for clothes. We have visited with fiends. We even drove 600 miles in one day.

But, let’s focus on the important stuff. FOOD!

Mike’s mom has been spoiling us with mountains of homemade desserts that we have missed. Pies, cookies, tarts….oh man.

We went out with our friend Steven and he treated us to an amazing all you can eat sushi place. Let’s just say that restaurant lost money that day. Spectacular.

Starbucks has received a Christmas bonus from us. We have visited four times in two days. Oh, overpriced, girly coffee drinks never tasted so good.

We ate at Carl’s Jr. (Hardy’s for our East Coast friends) and never enjoyed a really gross, unhealthy burger more.

I ask the question…do we really need a Starbucks on every street corner in California? I answer…yes we do, oh, yes we do. God bless you Starbucks.


Ben said...

Visiting with fiends doesn't sound too good...

I often feel very, very spoiled for living in a mission field where I don't have to miss sushi. Or Starbucks, for that matter, but I try to buy local. :)

I do, however, truly miss a good, dirty, greasy burger. I think my first stop whenever I finally get back to Fort Worth will be Kincaid's...

J Stu said...

venture onward friends! the economy relies on binge consumers like you!