Monday, December 1, 2008

Faces Of La Ceiba, Honduras

Sometimes when you are surrounded by great poverty or suffering it is easy to get down. Looking into the eyes of those you are serving helps to remind you why you are there. God has sent you to help claim those He loves and demonstrate His love and mercy. We invite you to look into the eyes of these people. Each one has touched our hearts at least once. Some continue to touch us every day.

For the next 4 minutes and 40 seconds enjoy the beauty of God’s creation:


The McClain's said...

Great video guys! You will treasure these sweet pictures one day years from now when you look back and remember this first year, the first time you met day when they are going with you as leaders to plant a church somewhere else in Honduras. Love you guys and praying for Maddie.

Jamie Wright said...

awesome video! good job guys!!!