Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Payment for Services Rendered

Received a phone call soon after I got up this morning. One of the pastors in Armenia Bonito, the area we work in, called us very concerned about one of the members in his church. I drove over to make a house call and see how she was doing. Gloria had been to our clinic a few times, and as I now have charts on my patients, I was able to compare what her vital signs were with the last time she had come. She does have a history of high blood pressure and high blood sugar. I arrived and she was wrapped in double blankets, in a hot room, laying down on the bed. After removing the blanket, applying a wet cloth to her head, giving lots of instructions on the best way to treat a fever, encouraging drinking of WATER and not SODA, a few pills, to see a physician if no improvement, and away I went. Before I made it to the car, I received another frantic call from another family. I arrived to find a woman lying on her couch. She had fallen down during the flooding and from all appearances, seems like she had perhaps broken some ribs. Much education about pain medication, breathing deeply to prevent pneumonia, and to see a physician if no improvement, I was on my way out when I was gifted with 4 fresh made tamales. Most of the people in the community we serve have little to no money, but they give what they can. A smile, a big hug, and a gift of tamales - in payment for services rendered :-). I do love what I do.

The fresh tamales:

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Becky Aguirre said...

Oh, they look SO GOOD! Honduran tamales are pretty much identical to Venezuelan hallacas, typical Christmas fare. Miguel is missing them BIGTIME right now!