Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So these last few weeks have been busy, exhausting and exciting! Graduations, Senior Health Clinic, Mobile Health Clinic, playing with the kids in Armenia Bonito, ESL; building relationships; refrigerators going in and out, etc. But - life in the Pettengill household has gone along as well. Madison lost her last baby tooth (called a milk tooth here); I'm practicing more on the piano; getting ready for Thanksgiving (yes - we found a turkey here - won't even tell you how much it cost); and all in all our worlds of ministry and the Pettengill lives have started to roll into a "normal" life for us here. The rain is just something we have to deal with - hanging laundry is a challenge - things taking twice or three times as long is becoming routine - we just plan our day accordingly - speaking Spanish all day - sweating/freezing - all these things have become meshed into our lives. It's a good feeling. Feeling "normal" in a foreign country. Feeling "normal" with day-to-day activities. Yes, some things still frustrate me - not being able to find milk I normally purchase (it was just there yesterday, now probably won't be in the stores for a week), and other fairly non-important things, but it's definitely starting to feel like home.

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