Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I know...I know...everyone and their mother is going to be talking about the elections, but it's something worthy of being talked about. Living in a foreign country as an expatriate gives me a unique view of U.S. politics. Everyone who had a TV yesterday - in the grocery store, to the small family owned restaurants, to the bars had CNN in Spanish turned on. For some unknown reason, Honduras is enamored with Obama. We have been asked a number of times if we were sad that we were unable to vote. When we explained that we in fact HAD voted - and almost 3 weeks ago - people were amazed that we were able to vote via mail. What an interesting concept, most people thought. Hitting even front page of the national paper in Honduras: "El 4 de noviembre de 2008 es una fecha que Estados Unidos nunca olvidará: ese día, por primera vez en la historia, un afroamericano llegó a la Casa Blanca." (the 4th of November, 2008 is a date that the United States will never forget. It is a day, for the first time in history, that an african american comes to the White House). There is huge coverage here both on the local TV, local newspapers and on the radio. Although "my guy" didn't win - I am blessed to be in a country that allows it's people to vote; it's a (for the most part) uncorrupted system (unlike here - Hondurans are quick to agree how corrupt things are); and a country that cares for it's people! So although "my guy" didn't win, I stand up straight, loving the country I'm from and the opportunities I have.


Ben said...

I hate to be That Guy (always a poor substitute for "my guy"), but I'm guessing you mean "expatriate," not "ex-patriot."

Kim said...

Found you on Coffeegirl Confessions blog and was reading previous posts when I came across "You know you're a missionary when..." list.
I guess I know I'm a missionary! hehehehe
That was a GREAT list!

Missionaries in La Ceiba, Honduras said...

Ben - thanks much for the correction - guess that was a Freudian slip?! But not really! Made the correction immediately :-)

Duane and Carin said...

Thanks for your comment over on my blog this week, I am really enjoying this community.