Thursday, November 13, 2008

ESL and Health Clinic


The line to see "Enfermera Teresa"

Today we had about 25 people attend our ESL class. It's the next to last class. The last 30 minutes of the class we finished up with people reciting the bible verse they learned last week, or saying it out loud if they had memorized it. We then handed out a new bible verse, practiced the pronunciation and the significance of each word. At the end of the class I challenged the students to listen to two questions, think on them during the week, and we would answer them next week. What were the two questions? The two questions from Evangelism Explosion. We have all the material in Spanish. These are the two questions: #1: "If you were to die today, do you know for certain that you would go to heaven, or is that something that you are still working on?" Everyone pretty much smiled at this one, and shook their heads. Then came question #2: "If you were to die today and stand before God and He were to ask you why He should let you into His heaven, what would you say?" I had so many people with surprised looks, and questions on their faces, clearly not knowing the answer to the question. I look forward to "answering" their question next week.

Medical Clinic - we saw 77 people in clinic today from 11am to 5:30pm (one person every 5 minutes for 6 1/2 hours). With the help of our three new teammates, Jamie, Josh, and Andy, we were able to move things a little more quickly. Our intent is to only be there for a few hours each time, but clearly the word is getting out, and many people are coming! We had the opportunity to hand out tracts, and pray with a number of people. A few things are going to change next week to try and make things flow a little smoother - hand out numbers - and probably see less people so people aren't waiting so long. Overall it was an incredible day - a bit exhausting (stopped for pizza on the way home - just couldn't imagine cooking for 6 people), and now we sit and eat our pizza and watch the DVD Luther. The end of a great day!


J Stu said...

how did you keep a straight face when reading the line "i cut the cheese." did the idiomatic background of this construction get explained as well? those lessons with language...

mikepettengill said...

Honestly, that's one of the reasons we used that phrase - to express the idiom with it as well. Keeps the class light - and they all thought it was hysterical!