Saturday, November 1, 2008

Knee Injections For Arthritis

One of our supporters gave us a large quantity of Supartz. This is a drug for severely arthritic knees. It is injected under the kneecap. This procedure provides great, long-term pain relief. Recently we came across two ladies, in the poor community of Armenia Bonito, who were perfect candidates for these injections.

WARNING: The following video contains some very graphic needle footage.

Here is a 3 minute and 13 second video for your enjoyment:


DJP said...

very graphic needle footage

That sounds scarier than the average Halloween scary movie!

On which subject... how was your Reformation Day?

Becky Aguirre said...

Yikes! Glad it was you and not me giving those injections...don't think I could do that! Well, I guess I would if I had to...

I liked that line, too...graphic needle footage...LOL

Jamie Wright said...

YOU are the bees knees!!! I cannot believe how awesome you are and i love how you are letting God use you to heal and comfort the people there. What a HUGE blessing to be able to walk without pain! what can i say? You GO girl!!!