Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Today was another track meet for Madison. She has been diligently working out and eating right. She received a 1st place ribbon for her heat in the 100m run! She was very excited about that accomplishment!

This week has been quite busy! Our Honduras team mates the McCann's have arrived, and we are trying to help them get settled in. So - we've been shopping! We have plans to do more tomorrow, maybe some on Friday, and a bit on Saturday?! Want to try and get as much of the busy work done before they start school on Monday! Our other friend, Cam (an MTW missionary to Columbia), arrives on Saturday, so we need to get him settled in as well before he too starts school on Monday! Busy for all, but it's been awesome having the McCann's here! We can't wait to have movie night, and a trip downtown with them!


John Stuart said...

well, seems like she didn't inherit your distaste of running, eh E? good work, Madison. keep truckin!

Anonymous said...

Go Maddie!! You rock - if you need any encouragement about running just remember - you're stunning, cunning and always running!! :)