Thursday, February 7, 2008


My language class (Yadira is my teacher - the little one in the middle)

Our combined class for our "gringo" party

As you may know (from earlier posts) we are learning new things in our language class based on themes. A few weeks ago we learned about the office, then we learned about home remedies. This week we have learned about fiestas. We had to give an oral report (in Spanish, of course) about a holiday in the U.S. The next day we had to give an oral report about a Costa Rican holiday that we were assigned. We had to interview someone about it and then report back. To finish up the week we are having two in-class fiestas! Ahh...what a way to learn :-) We have combined with another language class, which happens to have Mike in it, and today we did a "gringo" fiesta. The foods we brought to class included uncooked veggies (they do NOT eat those here - only green salads), dip, chips and salsa, brownies, cookies, soda, deviled eggs (a big treat for our teachers), and we watched Spanglish (very appropriate we thought). Tomorrow we will be having a "Tico" fiesta. Will report on that tomorrow.

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