Sunday, February 10, 2008


Here was my dilemma - I finally found some good, somewhat spicy braughtworst/sausage. We had it about a month ago, but it was sadly missing the main ingredient - and that's sauerkraut.

But - what's a girl to do in a country that doesn't eat it? Well...make it of course. I've made sauerkraut once before - and that was in my microbiology class in college. I remember it being a fairly easy process. So - I did my internet search, found out how to make it, and it's been "brewing" for 2 1/2 weeks now. So tonight is the test. I purchased braughtworst again, and going to have braught and kraut! Can't wait!!!


The McClain's said...

I can almost smell it cooking...almost taste it on my lips :) heeheehee :)

Hope it was good! You are so adventurous and willing to try fun stop!

Thanks for the comment about Audrey (I was going to wait until tomorrow to tell you thank you in person but I knowing me I'll forget...) and sharing about Madison. Audrey and I have some sweet moments, but my cuddler is Isabelle and sometimes Ethan. But those moments like what you described are so fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

Brooke :)

Ben said...

Kind of makes you jealous of a so-called "missionary" who can run out and pick up a jar any time he feels like it, doesn't it?

Incidentally, you've added a few extra letters - it's just "Bratwurst." The verb "braten" is a pretty all-purpose word for cooking with dry heat (though it also refers to pan-frying, so you're off the hook).

Anyway, looks pretty delicious. I've still got a bit of spicy mustard left at home - might have to pick up some brats and kraut myself for dinner this evening... mmm....

Chris said...

I love sauerkraut.

I'm kind of wary of eating things made during a microbiology class, but I would try yours, Erin. :-)

Dan said...

I'm sure it smells gross, but tastes great!!