Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Track and ESL

Madison tired after a hard run

Madison trying to finish hard on the last leg of a relay

Today was Madison's 4th track meet. She did really well. She ran the 100m dash, 400m dash, and the 4X200 relay. She got second place in the 400m dash! Way to go girl! She has one more track meet next Wednesday. This has been a great time for Madison to be on a team, workout with many of her friends, and stay in great shape! They practice 3 times a week for 2 hours each day! Makes me exhausted just to watch them! Mike has also been running in the mile to encourage many of the young boys to push themselves to their limit. He has helped lead a few boys to their personal best records! He has been an unofficial assistant coach for this season.

During the track meet I had to leave to go teach our ESL class to our 18 students. It's a very large room with over 90 people in it, divided up into different learning levels. It makes for a noisey room, but the people seemed engaged, asked lots of questions, and I used a LOT of my Spanish to help make the class a little easier for my students to understand. Cool to use my Spanish to teach English! This has been a great opportunity for Mike and myself.

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