Monday, November 19, 2007

What DO Missionaries Do For Fun?

This past weekend we attempted to answer this question. We went and stayed near Arenal, an active volcano in the north of Costa Rica. This was another great opportunity to relax and enjoy much of what the Rainforest has to offer. We explored howler monkeys, crocodiles, leaf cutter ants, turtles, birds and more. It was also a great time to relax and enjoy the pools and ponds around Arenal that are naturally heated by the volcano.

Watch this two minute video and see what else we did near Arenal:


The Nolls said...

Oh my gosh! What fun!!! Latin American Missionaries must be another breed because this week "for fun" we've been watching my 4 youngest sublings (18,16,13, and11).... not quite like flying... i might describe it more like falling and hanging on for dear life.. :)
So glad you gusy had such a great time. Hope you're energized and refreshed for your studies ahead.

Zoe McLuhan said...

Sign me up! I'll most definately be doing that when I'm there! Woohoo.

The McClain's said...

That is a great video! You guys have a knack for making videos- I think we need to be schooled by the Pettingells!!!

Brooke :)

PS: Thanks for caring enough to talk - I'm growing pretty fond of ya :)

Ben said...

Love it. I'm typing with very cold fingers, and it's been dark since 4:30 p.m. You guys make me jealous sometimes.

Many thanks as well, Mike, for your wonderful Facebook video wall posts. I haven't really responded to them, but I get a big kick out of each one.

John Stuart said...

OH. So THAT's what missionaries do for fun...