Monday, November 12, 2007

school project

Unfinished project Finished project

Madison was tasked with making a visual aid for science. They are studying volcanoes. Here it isn't as simple as running down to Michael's, or any other craft store and purchasing your needs. Chicken wire and paper machet aren't easy to come by. We could make the paper machet, but chicken wire?! There isn't a Home Depot down the street. So, we managed to find some clay, and used an upside-down flat bowl for the bottom portion of the volcano. Then, we crumpled up paper and put on top of the upside down bowl to give shape and stability to the upper portion of the volcano. Then - we decorated it with paint, rocks we scavenged from outside, leaves, and grass for the greenery. All in all, I think she did a very good job. Her presentation is on Thursday.


Mindy said...

Great Job Maddy! I love it.

newcityjim said...

Wow. That's cool lookin'. Very creative and beyond my ability.

Thanks for your comment, Erin, on our blog. It was encouraging.