Wednesday, November 14, 2007


It is very interesting what one becomes accustomed to. The "norms" of any society are just those things. Many things you don't know how you would do without. Think about 10 years ago - people had beepers, now most people own a cell phone, or two, or three - what would you do without it? If you leave your house in the morning without it, do you turn your car around to go get it? What about 24-hour stores, gas stations, beautifully groomed front yards - do your hackles go up when the neighbor's grass is over 3 inches high? However, have you ever looked at it from a different perspective? What if you were a foreigner, coming to live in the U.S. - what would it look like to you? Probably weird. Here are some examples:

Convenience Store in Costa Rica
Convenience Store in U.S.

Guard Shack in Costa Rica
Guard Shack in the U.S.

Streets in Costa Rica
Streets in the U.S.

Rain Gutters in Costa Rica
Rain Gutters in the U.S.

Trash Cans in Costa Rica

Trash cans in the U.S.
Home Security in Costa Rica
Home Security in the U.S.

Park Maintenance in Costa Rica

Park Maintenance in the U.S.

Front yard in Costa Rica

Front Yard in U.S.

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