Sunday, November 4, 2007

Back home

We have returned from the mission trip to San Carlos. We have a video we will post tomorrow - gives lots of details. Had an incredible trip - even if the van did break down twice. It poured rain (RIGHT after we finished all our outside stuff - hmm....go figure :-) ) Anyway - just wanted to let everyone know we were all home safe and sound. Next week is going to be a little different at language school. It is spiritual emphasis week. We have regular class, but we have chapel every day, and every evening. We will have a speaker here and will have the opportunity to listen to some sermons in English. This week the worship team I am on will be playing twice on Tuesday and once on Friday. Need LOTS of prayers for that as we have only had one opportunity to practice - and that was only for the Tuesday morning songs - we haven't even practiced the Tuesday evening songs or those for Friday. No matter how well or poor we do, our goal is to glorify God in all we do. Look for the video tomorrow :-)

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