Thursday, June 29, 2017

The big move - how you can help

So, you've probably heard by now, we are returning to California after having been on the foreign mission field for over 10 years.  Mike will be the director for a new hub MTW office in California.  We are both excited and not going to lie - a little anxious about the move.  When we left for the mission field, we sold our house, our car, and 100% of our belongings.  We will now need to get re-established in California - and that means putting an entire house together.  So...we are (once again) asking for your help.  We've set up an Amazon page for all those necessities for a house and if you would like to contribute - here's the link:

There is everything from towels, to spoons, to pots and pans, and more.  Just think wedding registry for a new couple that has never owned a home.

We are humbled, once again, as God is leading us to a new season of life and are super excited to see where that will take us.

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