Tuesday, June 6, 2017

25th Wedding Anniversary

Twenty-five years of marriage.  Silver Anniversary. True love.

Engagement Photo

Twenty-five years ago, I told my sweet future husband “I do” and life has been nothing short of a grand adventure since.  “Way back then” we never knew that we would end up in Honduras, and then in Africa, that I would be a “bush doctor” or Mike would be a pastor, teaching African men and women the fundamental truths of the bible. 
Along the way, we have found that we are a hardy duo.  We have been through the trials of life, the loss of loved ones, and the creation of new life in our sweet daughter who turns 21 in a few days. We understand was true love is, have triumphed through illnesses, tribulation, and loss.  We not only survived but conquered living in extreme situations of Africa, and the loneliness of being so far away from dear friends and family.

Together, we make this amazing team.  Each year is simply better than the last. We complement each other, but we are uniquely independent as well.  We love our simple pleasures of “pizza Friday” and “pay day sushi” (when you live in a country that has sushi). We enjoy watching movies together, taking walks along the beach, and living life together.

I love you sweet husband – more than I think you even know.  What a blessing, indeed, that God brought you into my life.  Looking forward to the next 25 years!


Ellie said...

Happy Anniversary! Wow, haven't read your blog in years, and you moved! So did we, but not so far. Glad to hear you are doing well.

curtis03 Lewis said...

Congratulations! You guys look absolutely wonderful together. The best part about being married is the understanding and friendship that you develop over the years. I celebrated my wedding anniversary recently in a venue New York has where me and my wife had our first date. She is a great friend and we had a really good time!