Sunday, December 27, 2015

What is the cost of a life?

In the United States we are blessed with whatever scan, x-ray, lab test, or whatever we want to help "fix us", to figure out what is wrong with us.  But that's not how it is for the rest of the world. What IS the cost of a life?!  For you - $2500 for someone for some antibiotics, an x-ray, a scan, that will make the difference between life and death.  For someone in a third world country where medications are the price of a pack of bubblegum?  Where life holds no value, where you can't even buy legitimate medication?!  Priceless!

I went to a medical missions conference and found out that the majority of the medication that is brought into Africa is a fraud.  You go to the pharmacy hoping to get a fix for your ailment, only to take medication that is nothing but sugar...and garbage...

Help me know that what I'm doing is right...

I know what I know...and nothing more.  Please...God...allow me to know that what I'm doing is deliver a healthy give medication that will be life make a difference that a "witch doctor" says is the right thing to do - but the medicine they prescribe causes that baby to die instead...that's a is what is happening as we speak.  Bodies are butchered to obtain the organs for a witch craft ceremony .  Instead, God has given me a glimpse into what is needed to help a body in need.  Please God...give me the insight to help your people...I am currently working with a few docs I know to bring in prescription meds, that are GOOD to be able to minister to people in need...people who are in dire straights....babies that are give medications that are life changing instead.

Thank you God.  The thought seems overwhelming...leaves my heart WAY too heavy...but I go forward with the confidence that you  give me everything I equip me...I am weak, but you are strong...

I am a finger, but others are the hand, and the arm, and the rest of the body - that together we can make a difference!  JOIN me in prayer...join me in knowing that others are there to supply what I need to make a difference!!!

I am currently trying to raise some money to take medication with me to Equitorial Guinea - so I can bring some REAL medication with me - if this is something you feel led to do...the let me know, and you can give VERY EASY through our mission agency - and it's tax FREE!!!!
 Follow the link and you can give to help make this happen!

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