Thursday, December 24, 2015

It's not too can you help with the new ministry in Africa?

So for the second time in our lives we have sold our entire belongings.  We leave with a few duffel bags, and nothing more.  We are going to have to re-invent our lives in Africa.  This means all the basics...and the new ways we have to live (NO potable water in the entire country), women wear skirts and dresses (NO pants/shorts allowed), and starting a clinic all over again!  So...we need YOUR help...

Two wish lists below include our personal needs and what it will take to start a new medical/mercy clinic in Africa.  All of the items are going to be delivered to our daughter whom we will see again during Spring Break.  We will take whatever we get with us to start our new lives there.  Maybe something will catch your eye, and you may feel led to give...

personal wish list is HERE

and ministry wish list is HERE

As we figure out what it means to avoid typhoid, hepatitis, dengue, malaria, guinea worm, schistosomiasis, and cryptosporidium by purifying all our own water, using a hand-pump shower, solar panels for power outages, and collecting rain water from the roof top, anything you can do to help make life a "little" easier - I won't turn away!

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