Thursday, June 5, 2014

It comes in a bag?!

So, we have tons of stuff here in bags.  You can get mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, oil, and even refried beans in a bag.  It just doesn't surprise me any more what comes in bags.  Heck, we even have fresh milk, sour cream, and relish in bags!

So, when I saw already toasted bread sold in the bread aisle, I just couldn't believe it!  First, I couldn't believe how LAZY someone must be to purchase already toasted bread, but I couldn't even imagine that it would taste okay.  But....I tried it...and here is my confession....I absolutely LOVE it!  So there you have it!


Cindy in California said...

How much is the pan tostado? How does it compare with the cost for regular bread? I'm cooking for an MK Camp in Honduras in August and might want to give this a try, if it's not too much more expensive.

PS If you know any MK's that might want to attend, look it up on Facebook...MK Camp Honduras.

Missionary, Mother, Wife, Nurse said...

Cindy, I want to say it was like L50 for the bag. And as I said....I LOVE instant success in my book!

Cindy in California said...

Thanks for the response! I definitely want to try it. It might be too spendy for the food budget for the camp.