Sunday, June 8, 2014

Madison's college / 18 year old birthday wishlist

So...Madison is headed off to college, and she turns 18 in less than a week.  I think everyone knows that at this point.  And now we find ourselves in an odd situation.  Most moms and dads that send their kids off to college prepare them with the "necessities".  Because of our situation, we find ourselves in a different situation.  With almost no time or money to buy her dorm "necessities" so we came up with the idea of Madison creating a college/18 year birthday wish list on Amazon. it is. Things can be shipped to my dads address (in San Jose) which is listed on her wish list if you select something.  Madison will be truly blessed in whatever way you want to help her.  Thanks for all of you who have prayed for her and loved her.

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