Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Family Time

We get so caught up in ministry work that more often than not we lose out on family time.  So much of everyday is spent on either planning or implementing a ministry event.  Friday nights has been dedicated home made pizza / movie night for a long long time.  We treasure this time to just be together as a family.  This week Mike and I will be traveling to Nicaragua for a leadership meeting and Madison will be holding down the fort at home.  So last night we went out on a family date night.  Yummy dinner, and a visit to the theater to watch X-Men.  As our time in Honduras comes to a quick close before we head to the States for furlough, and Madison off to college we treasure these moments, even if I can't take a good selfie!  My camera on my phone only has flash on the reverse side of the phone, so I can't see what I am taking a picture of....hence the lame attempt in a dark theater.  You can tell Mike was done with my numerous attempts at getting a good shot!

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