Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It Takes a Village

And in this case - that means YOU!  As you can imagine, getting a clinic started is NOT the easiest of things to do.  It takes the physical building, the overwhelming paperwork through the government, interviewing a doctor, then hiring said doctor - but of course that can't be done without funding.  Then the inside of the clinic.  I may have a shell, but what about all the equipment and basic needs of the inside of that clinic?  Picture in your mind when you go to your doctors office.  The front reception desk, the intake area, and the exam room itself.  Then there are the patient charts, and supplies and medications!  I'm almost exhausted just thinking about it!  Through some incredible people some of those things are happening.  Our sweet friend Tom DeKleer who is an active part of Team Honduras, will be sending me 4 exam tables!  Woah!  Then through a foundation (Vitamin Angels) I have all my children's vitamin needs covered for a year!  Medical Brigades have come, and doctor friends like Greg Moore (who is also an integral part of Team Honduras) my meds to start the clinic are covered.  Ah but then there's the "rest" of everything else.

Here's how you can help.  One of two way.

First and foremost - I have to pay my doctor :-)  I work for free...my husband collects our paycheck - but a doctor can't work that way.  Here's how you can contribute - click HERE   Helping with a one-time donation is great, but I'm just going to ask - because if I don't, you won't know - an on-going monthly contribution is really what I'm looking for.  And also, because I know you want to know - a monthly salary for a part-time doctor is $1400 - so in total - that's what I'm going to need :-) (profile of our doc coming soon....)

The other way you can help is in setting up the clinic - here is a link to my Amazon wish-list - in it you will see things for as little as $3.20, to $260 (auto clave) all the way up to $1500 (defibrillator and centrifuge) - I really want to be an all-inclusive clinic.  Click HERE to browse the list. The shipping address will depend on when you purchase it.  We have short-term teams and individuals coming down a lot - so we can have it shipped there.  If it's a high-ticket item, or a heavy item, we do have a shipping company that has a U.S. address, then it gets shipped to us in La Ceiba.

Let me know if you have any questions, I am excited to be going through this process together!  You and me baby - we ARE a village :-)

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