Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fox in Socks and Baby in Box

Sounds like a Dr. Seuss book - Fox in Socks and baby in box...but it's not unreal - it's the state of things here in Honduras.  It's frustrating...there are incredible doctors here in Honduras - don't get me wrong - there are folks here who are striving to make a difference.  However, when you don't have anything to work with, no resources, limited infrastructure, you are left with conditions that are barely tolerable.

Babies in a neo-natal ward in a hospital here in Honduras - in laundry baskets and boxes...

 Postpartum moms lying on the floor in a completely overcrowded ward...

It truly hurts my heart.  I speak to women all the time in my prenatal class and my mobile clinic who are SO fearful to go to the hospital to have a baby because of what the "norms" are there.  So I press on - trying to take care of things before people get to the hospital - education and preventative care being such a HIGH priority for me.  Nutrition, vitamins, clean water, parasite meds - ANYTHING I can do to keep people healthy!  Please pray for the people of Honduras, for the doctors with so little in the way of resources.  I've often been inundated by people desperate - bringing their prescriptions to me because the hospital is out of meds...Pray that funds can be raised QUICKLY to pay for a doctor, and my clinic finished so I can provide even more to those I have come to serve.

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