Tuesday, September 18, 2012

On Being a Nurse...

Someone who will cry with you
Someone who will meet your needs before their own are met
Being on time
Going to work even when your own child is sick
meeting people where they are
holding a hand
giving others a chance to be heard
feeling the hurt of others
having other people's bodily fluid on our skin, and don't think it a nuisance
being an encourager to someone who has lost the ability...to walk...to speak...to be...
listening to a mother grieve for her child
listening to a child grieve for their lost parent
giving a person a chance to be free from pain
working late to offer one last chance
going to work even when sick knowing others are worse off than you are
working with shin splints, sore feet, blistered feet
Being honest
a 24-hour job
a job that lives in our blood
until our last breath we still think of ourselves as what our job depicted us as....

Being a nurse
A gift from God
One I've done for 17 years, and will continue to do for the rest of my life

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Heather said...

As a nursing student I have seen these things exhibited in the nurses I've learned from and looked up. I've even experienced a few of them.
Nursing truly is a gift from God, and I profession I'm honored to be going into.